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LIC Investment Policy: Deposit Rs 17 daily and Get Back More than Rs 4 lakh; Read Terms & Conditions

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), the most trusted insurance company has come up with many new schemes and initiatives amid the corona crisis. Crores of people have invested in different policies of this government-run company.

Moreover, LIC has come up with new pension, life, endowment policies to customers and they can boost their financial status by investing in it. LIC's policy has been designed in such a way that anybody from poor to rich can invest in it.

However, as a modern day investment, people are moving towards SIPs and mutual funds. But both of these depend on the mood of the market. If the market is doing well, then there are chances of profit or otherwise you will be drowned into loss.

But if you want to invest and you do not want to lose and get both profit and security, then you should go for a policy of LIC which is not linked to the stock market i.e. non-linked plan of LIC.

Today we are going to tell you about such a non-linked plan, through which you will get a chance to become a millionaire at an investment of 17 rupees daily. We are talking about LIC Jeevan Benefit Policy.


Special Features of LIC Jeevan Benefit Policy

Life benefit policy can be taken only by people between the age of 8 to 59 years. The maturity age of this policy is 75 years.

A policy term of 16 to 25 years can be taken.

Moreover, at least two lakh rupees have to be taken as sum assured.

There is no maximum limit. Accidental death and disability compensation have been included in this policy.

If you spend a premium of Rs 1,55,328 for 25 years i.e. Rs 518 per month ie Rs 17, then on maturity you will get around Rs 4.04 lakh with bonus.

These benefits will be found in LIC Jeevan Benefits policy

There is also a limited premium payment, which means the premium payment period is less than the policy term or maturity period. At the same time security and fixed return facilities are also available.

The loan facility is available after paying the premium for three years. Moreover, it has the facility of Add-on Riders as Accident Death and Disability Benefit Rider.

Exemption of tax under section 80C of income tax on premium under this scheme.

It is known that tax exemption on maturity amount under Section 10 (10D) of Income Tax.

Important Things to Note

If the policy holder dies and has paid all the premiums without any interruption till death, the nominee would be paid in full by adding the Sum Assured, Simple Reversionary Bonus and Final Addition Bonus. is. The special thing is that the death benefit provided here should not be less than 105% of the total premium paid till the death of the policy holder.

While the policy holder lives for the entire duration and has paid all the premiums till maturity, he is paid a simple reversionary bonus and a final addition bonus along with the sum assured.

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