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Lockdown Farmer’s Market by Village Story, Bangalore

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

The Village Story is a Bangalore based experiential square foot gardening community working towards creating a self-sustainable environment through community farming. Their concept helps people to connect to soil and food and also understand the importance of farming. Village story rents out a 7x7 foot plot of land where they help you choose the seeds and teach you the techniques of farming and also take care of your product while you aren't available at the farm. The present-day world today is facing the worst global crisis. The situation is very grim and has badly affected the farmers and their products.

Every month Village Story hosts its Farmer’s Market and during the Covid Pandemic they could not conduct it and they started a campaign to support the farmers to reach out to the consumers directly without any middlemen. Village Story initiated a lockdown farmers market as the usual farmers market couldn’t be operated in circumstances of COVID-19. It was launched 4 weeks back which connected the farmers directly to the consumers (B2B and B2C) without any middlemen. They are trying their level best to help their farmers sell their products. The intention is very simple says Anamika from “Village Story”. The Intention is to Support the Farmers and Buy Local. They at times in very few cases have tried helping the farmers with logistics/transportations too.

They did an announcement to all the Vendor Partners who were able to deliver the products /essentials for daily living with COVID-19 passes. Village Story has started talking to many initiatives who are distributing & donating food in small or large numbers as these farmers are having stocks in tons. They have also started sharing farmers' stocks on all over their social media platforms, WhatsApp, emails and through every connection, they could possibly lay their hands on. The only priority here is to help the farmers.

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