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Technology, The hyper active bits and bytes per second running in streamline to get the information at your multiple sized screen, is one of the instruments which no industry has left untouched to communicate with their customers. Even the organisations which goes gaga over naturalistic ways of living and ask humans to feel the touch of nature without being exposed to frequencies, sarcastically spread their word through technology.

Lately, a lot of enthusiasm has been shown by various firms and also by the government on the use of internet and mobiles for the dissemination of knowledge. Numerous portals namely : Soil Health Card portal, Agmarknet portal , national agricultural marketing portal etc. are brought to farmer’s attention and govt.  accolades these to be farmer’s web friend. One of the most talked about site is : m-Kisan. Krishi Jagran team ran a review test about the portal. Here are our findings with the screenshots of the same.

1)  As soon one enter the url : , appears a beautiful layout. Trying to register at the portal from the right most placed box, the effort failed as no capta appeared. At our second attempt to register as a new user, there was no option to submit the details. The portal dint feel to be much user friendly.

mkisan problem

2) Our previous step led us to think diligently and we find out a link to register through web. Farmers can use this link to enter the web-registration page :

 3) A dialogue box asks for mobile number for registration. Entering which led us to another page where the other important details are to be filled by the farmer.

4) 8 slots of advisory can be filled on which a farmer is supposed to receive information.

5) After filling all the information, an OTP number is asked to be entered. But to our disappointment the OTP was received an hour after, almost making up for the satisfaction of typing all the information on the form an hour before.

So, summing up our experience on using m-Kisan Web registration, the portal has a lot of scope of improvement and can be made better. It took us almost more than 75 minutes to complete the process,a farmer would definitely want this process to be least time consuming. There could be an option to add more sections and more crops. Though a manual guide is available on the portal, but there should not be a need of such a thing, when it can be made more user friendly. 

Other modes to take the advantage of the service is by dialling  a toll free number to get one registered. The Kisan Call Center number is  : 1800-180-1551. Registration can also be done by sending SMS at 51969 or 9212357123.

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