Mandsaur became a poltical battlefield for approaching assembly elections

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Congress president Rahul Gandhi targeting farmers of mandsaur  after an incident took place in pipliyamandi district in which 5 farmers were killed in police firing. Congress president on Wednesday launched his party’s campaign for the Madhya Pradesh assembly polls to be held in November. By Promising that if his party comes in power. Government will write off farm loans within 10 days period.

Before the program, Rahul met the families of people killed in police firing last year. From the platform, he promised families that when the Congress government comes, the families of those killed in firing will get justice within 10 days. He accused the BJP government that the debt of millions of crores of rupees of the big industrialists is waived, but not a single rupee of the farmers is waived.

The Congress President said that in Shivraj Sarkar, the farmer gets a check in the mandi and bribe is taken when he visits the bank. He promised that farmers will be given money in the market only when the Congress government comes. They also promised to open food processing units in every district and provide employment to local people in them. Through this, China will be given a tough fight.

Rahul Gandhi target PM Narendra Modi by making allegations that PM Narendra Modi had promised the farmers  that their crop would get full price, but he cheated. PM Modi promised 20 million youth jobs every year and Rs 15 lakh in bank account. They alleged that instead of giving employment to the youth, Chinese goods are being sold everywhere.

Rahul Gandhi said that my dream is that when we come here for 5-7 years and look at the phone, we called it 'Made in Mandsaur'  phone. The Congress President said, "Narendra Modi and Shivraj Singh can not do this work. Kamal Nath and Scindia can do the same. "



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