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Mango Mela in Bengaluru Faces Declining Visitors Due to Lack of Publicity

Bengaluru's much-awaited Mango Mela, a prominent event in the city's calendar, has experienced a significant drop in visitors this year.

Shivam Dwivedi
Mango Mela in Bengaluru Faces Declining Visitors Due to Lack of Publicity (Representative Image)
Mango Mela in Bengaluru Faces Declining Visitors Due to Lack of Publicity (Representative Image)

The Mango Mela, which was held at the famed Lalbagh Botanical Garden by the Horticulture Department and the Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation (KSMDMC), did not draw the expected audience. In response to farmer requests, officials have decided to extend the mela by 10 days till June 21.

The Mango Mela was inaugurated on June 2 and was originally planned to conclude on June 11. However, farmers participating in the mela have reported a decline of over 50% in visitor footfall this year, primarily due to inadequate publicity efforts. Typically, farmers would generate around Rs 15,000 in daily business, but this year they are experiencing only Rs 5,000 in sales.

Ashok Reddy, a farmer from Kolar, highlighted the reasons behind the poor turnout. He stated that the mela was scheduled later than usual due to the elections. He further mentioned that KSMDMC officials were unable to call for tenders because of the model code of conduct. Despite finalizing the dates, they have not adequately publicized the event, claiming a lack of funds.

A regular attendee who had travelled from Basaveshwara nagar, expressed his satisfaction with the diverse range of mango varieties on display at the mela on June 9. He mentioned that he had been visiting the mela regularly and observed that this year's event offered an even greater variety of mangoes compared to 2022.

The Mango Mela is a significant platform for local farmers to showcase their produce and establish connections with consumers. It also serves as an opportunity for visitors to savor and purchase a wide array of mangoes from different regions. However, without effective promotion and awareness campaigns, the event has suffered from decreased interest and attendance.

Recognizing the importance of the Mango Mela for both farmers and mango enthusiasts, the officials have decided to extend the event in the hope of attracting more visitors. The additional days will provide a chance for attendees to explore the abundant mango selection and support the hardworking farmers who have brought their produce to the mela.

To prevent such a situation in the future, it is crucial for the organizers to address the challenges faced this year and allocate adequate funds for promotion and publicity well in advance.

By leveraging various marketing channels, social media platforms, and collaborating with local media outlets, the Mango Mela can regain its popularity and draw larger crowds in the coming years. This would not only benefit the farmers but also provide a delightful experience for mango lovers in Bengaluru and beyond.

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