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‘MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav’ Empowers Farmers in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh to Boost Farm Income with Modern Agricultural Practices

Krishi Jagran's MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav in Seoni, MP empowers farmers to boost farm income with modern agricultural practices, knowledge sharing, and showcasing innovations.

KJ Staff
Experts at MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh
Experts at MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

On July 5, 2024, Krishi Jagran hosted the 'MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav' at Bainganga Palace, Seoni, Madhya Pradesh. Sponsored by Mahindra Tractors, the event focused on the theme 'Maximizing Farmers' Income for a Prosperous Bharat.' The event was powered by Dhanuka Agritech, supported by STIHL, with ICAR participating as the esteemed knowledge partner. The Department of Agriculture- Seoni and Krishi Vigyan Kendra- Seoni, also provided crucial support. Farmers gain valuable insights into various innovative farming solutions and the latest agricultural equipment.

The day commenced with participant registration. Dr. Shekhar Singh Baghel (Senior Scientist & Head KVK, Seoni), Asha Upvanshi, JK Singh (DGM Dhanuka Agritech), Pradyumna Tripathi (Regional Manager, Mahindra Tractors), Dr. Nikhil Kumar Singh, Dr. KK Deshmukh (KVK, Seoni), Dr. NK Singh (KVK, Seoni), Morish Nath (DDA, Seoni) and Engr. Kumar (Seoni) attended the event. Experts shared valuable insights on boosting farm income and celebrated the progressive farmers of the region.

Dr. Shekhar Singh Baghel, Head and Senior Scientist at Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Seoni, highlighted that most farmers focus more on their crops than on the soil, leading to various issues. He mentioned that while some farmers use the Soil Health Card to get their soil tested, they often fail to collect the soil test reports, mistakenly believing the cards will be delivered to them. Dr. Baghel emphasized the need for farmers to be more proactive and aware of soil health.

Pradyumna Tripathi, Regional Manager at Mahindra Tractors, remarked, "What is this MFOI and why was it started? Do you know about it?" He explained, "The image of farmers in India has always been poor. To change this, Krishi Jagran and Mahindra Tractors have collaborated to create the 'Millionaire Farmer of India' award show, aimed at honoring and redefining the identity of farmers in the agricultural sector."

He added that farmers in India are becoming increasingly progressive, and it is now their turn to shine. "Farmers dream of their success at night and wake up in the morning thinking about how to achieve it. We are committed to helping them fulfill these dreams." During the event, Tripathi showcased the latest Mahindra tractors and presented a video highlighting the company's continuous efforts to support farmers.

Glimpse of 'MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav’ in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh
Glimpse of 'MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav’ in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

Following the presentations, certificates were distributed to number of progressive farmers, acknowledging their achievements and contributions. The event concluded with a vote of thanks, marking a successful day dedicated to empowering the farming community and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Millionaire Farmer of India Awards 2024

Building upon this momentum, the spotlight shifted to the upcoming 'Millionaire Farmer of India Awards'. Sponsored by Mahindra Tractors, these awards seek to honor farmers across various categories, promoting excellence and innovation in agriculture. As the second edition approaches, Krishi Jagran invites widespread participation from all sectors of agriculture by providing an online registration platform for nominees, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation for India's farming community.

The 'MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav' signifies a unified effort towards a thriving and sustainable agricultural industry in India. Moreover, with upcoming endeavors like the 'MFOI, VVIF Kisan Bharat Yatra,' Krishi Jagran remains committed to honoring and empowering the unrecognized champions of Indian agriculture, securing a promising future for upcoming generations.

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