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Microbial Fertilizer to Increases Soil Fertility

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The growth of the  agriculture is depended on the three factors. These are the fertility of the soil, absorption of nutrition by the crops and also absorbing nitrogen from the air. The role of the microbial agent is very significant. For the improvement of the product quality and also increasing the production quantity, the microbial fertilizer was produced by the Chinese company Shaanxi Feng Dan Bai Li Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

The Company mainly deal with the research, development and sales of solid and liquid microbial agents. The Kimidori products have been very effective in fruit and field crop production areas all over China. There are differences between the  solid and liquid products, and they have different functions, but their applications are the same.

The Company is currently  selling the  products both online and offline. The company is mainly doing brand management online, and direct distribution to the Xinfade market offline. Now preparing to expand to supermarkets, and establish representatives nationwide as well. Furthermore, also  have local market directors all over China, who are responsible for the sales and after-sales. They are also joining hands with agricultural specialists. They are providing technical guidance for some of the common plant diseases in fruit trees and fields.

The added value of the company  products can be seen in the good taste and high sugar degree of the fruit. The most important thing is that they  are following the  strict regulations during the harvest, meaning that they  do not use pesticides to guarantee the control of the  resources. In Mei County, Shaanxi, they  have chosen to only sell fruit from farmers who have been using the  fertilizer for at least three to five years. That is how the  ecological agriculture has taken shape. Furthermore, the company  has purchased a cherry orchard of 20 hectares (200 mu) in Shanhai, and a winter date orchard of 20 hectares (200 mu) in Dali, Shaanxi. Close to the Baiyuan Airport in Guangdong, they  have bought land for the plantation of oranges as well.

The company has its own Research and Development Center for the  microbial fertilizer. The company is also collaborating with professors from many agricultural institutes, such as the China Agricultural University and the Agricultural University of Hebei. They are researching different plant diseases, such as root rot and decay. Working together with the Canadian Feng Dan Bai Lu company as well, so that they  can use its advanced agents in the  new products.


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