Mini-Watermelon is Big in Taste & Shelf Life

Watermelon is likeable in world for the taste, sweetness and the reasonable shelf life. Indian Watermelon commonly known as Tarbooj, bigger in size. Inside red colour, sweet in taste, now replaced with the small green coloured texture of the outside skin, red inside and sweet in taste.

Recently introduced the Polimore, a small, tasty, firm seeded watermelon with an exceptionally long shelf life, to the African market by Hazera, a global leader in the seed industry.   The hybrid fruit was developed to improve on the local watermelon, whose lack of taste, quality, firmness and disease resistance - plus short shelf life and prohibitive price - resulted in very low market demand. Its long shelf life benefits all involved in the marketing chain - farmers, distributors and consumers - and enables export to neighboring countries without negative results (consumers can still eat the fruit several days after purchase). The Polimore’s total yield - and the price obtained for the crops – are generally higher than those of the traditional watermelons. Consumers prefer the taste, size (two to three kilograms), shelf life and reasonable price of the Polimore watermelon to those of the larger ones to which they were accustomed. The growth of consumer demand has shown the growers that the switch to Polimore benefits everyone.

''The growers can capitalize on Polimore’s superiority to establish long-term deals with the marketing chains,” said Asaf Stern, Sales Manager for Africa, Hazera. “Their customers will learn to value the produce's high quality and potential for brand loyalty." 

Hazera breeds, develops, produces and markets seeds for a wide range of vegetable and field crops around the world. Combining decades of experience with cutting-edge technology, Hazera’s breeders and scientists create top-quality and high-yielding varieties and tailor them to meet the farming conditions and marketing requirements of customers worldwide.

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