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MP Govt to Build Hospitals, Canteens, Seed Centers inside Agricultural Mandis

The Madhya Pradesh government plans to start a pilot project in each mandi of the seven state divisions. The project is to build hospitals, canteens, etc. inside mandis.

Shipra Singh
Agricultural mandi
Agricultural mandi

The Madhya Pradesh government intends to construct hospitals, canteens, petrol pumps, and seed centers inside state agricultural mandis.

According to State Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel, the move is to give better facilities to farmers coming to the mandi to sell their produce. Infrastructure development inside mandis will ease the entire selling process for farmers.

The government is seeking public-private partnership in this endeavor. The government will choose one mandi from each seven state division and commence a pilot project.

As per the plan, the government intends to build a hospital, a petrol pump, and a seed center where farmers can easily buy seeds. The government will invite private players for operating the canteens. These canteens would be in line with army canteens where things are sold on discounts.

Such an infrastructure development will convert a simple agricultural mandi into a hub that provides almost everything a farmer needs at one place.

While informing about the intended mandi revamping, the state government assured that mandis will continue to operate after the implementation of farm laws.

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