Mushrooming Mushrooms in Manipur through Machines

Angom’s machine is capable of doing automatic work like compost loading, cultivation bag making, compost filling, compost pressing and cultivation bag sealing. 

Mushroom cultivation in Manipur is a major source of employment and income. Entrepreneurs in the state have developed innovative mechanism to make mushroom farming a sustainable source of business. 

A 42 year old mushroom farmer, Punil Angom has invented a local mushroom bagging machine to simplify the process and make it efficient. The machine is capable of finishing the work automatically including compost loading, cultivation bag making, compost filling, compost pressing and cultivation bag sealing. 

Angom who hails from Porompat Thawan Thaba Leikai also invented local Ultra Sonic Humidifier machine, and a Humidifier machine. Sharing mechanism of his machines, he added, “These humidifiers work using the spinning disc that vaporizes water droplets- which are then pumped out of the unit and into the room. The benefit of piping in the humidity is that it brings in the fresh air, which is important in reducing CO2 levels and developing proper looking fruits.” 

Angom opened a farm at Porompat Thawanthaba Leikai and a branch at Malom Hawaiian village. He produces around 20-30 kgs of mushroom daily and majorly cultivates Pleurotus mushroom and Oyster mushroom. Since a lot of manual work is now automated, the staff requirement is lessened and now three employees work with Angom. 

Sumola, a staff said, "When people buy our products, they recognize us for what we do, it gives me happiness. Our main job here includes cutting the straws, removing the waste, packaging the mushrooms, planting and so on." 

Talking about his invention, Angom, said, “Mushroom farming needs a good methodology and technology. Without knowing about it we cannot do any farming. My best suggestion for farmers is that they need to be highly educated as education is very important for the modernization of farming. That is why I have got all the training from the center, university and from the department of the horticulture in Manipur.” 

Such stories of modernizing agriculture promise to boost the agriculture sector. 

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