Name your cow to get more milk.

Do you call your cow by name? Don't ever think what is there in a name,  because, the name matters. If you call a cow by name, then they will produce more milk.  The scientists from School of Agriculture, Food & Rural Development, New castle University, U.K came out with this finding.

It is based on a study conducted by Dr. Catherine Douglas and Dr. Peter Rolinsa on 516 dairy farmers that name for cows seems to be significant. It is found that at least  3.4% increase in annual milk production can be assured through this practice of calling name.  The Telegraph has reported that in a time span of 10 months, average production of 258 liters has increased by the cows who are addressed by name and are patted. 

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It is very similar to human beings who crave for individual care. Though it is very common among dairy farmers to call cows by their name. It is for the first time it is scientifically proved with statistics back up. 

It is also essential to touch and pat the cow to get better results.  De Lavel , a famous Swedish company has come out with a product that can touch and clean the cows automatically, which is similar to the machines for cleaning car. Cleaning entire body can give better blood circulation which will enhance milk production. 

The company was able to sell 30.000 machines of this type in Sweden alone. Despite this machine, small-scale farmers can practice this habit of patting and touching the cows and also calling them names to get better milk yield. 

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