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Naturo Offers Fruits for Every Season- Dried and Sugar Free

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Fruits are good source of vitamins and minerals and it prevents vitamin C and vitamin A deficiencies. People who consume fruit as part of an overall healthy diet usually have a reduced risk of chronic diseases.

The attractive colours, taste and aroma of various fruits tempt us.  Fruits like mangoes, apples and litchi looks so attractive when they are hanging on the trees. Everything is so good about fruits; the only problem is that these are available in particular seasons.  

But now you can enjoy your favourite fruit in any season and all thanks to Naturo Food and Fruits Products Pvt Ltd., of Bangalore. The company was earlier known as Nutrine Sweets Pvt Ltd. 

The company has brought products like - Fruit Bites and Fruit Bits with Fruit Delight. Apart from this, Fruit Naks and Festive Packs are also available with 100 percent goodness of the fruit. These are Rich in Antioxidants, Source of Energy, Rich in Fibre Vitamins & Minerals, Cholesterol Free, with Low Glycemic Index and are not Genetically Modified. They even provide no sugar fruits for their diabetic customers. The fruits are candid and dried also.   The Naturo Food provides the delicious dried mango without any sugar content.  

Krishi Jagran team met and discussed with Shri P Reddi Ameer, the Deputy Manager, Production of the company. Those interested can visit our YouTube channel for more information on the products.

Naturo began as the fruit processing division of the Nutrine Group, the market leader in Indian confectionery for 26 years from 1980 to 2006. Following the sale of Nutrine in 2006, Naturo was retained with a singular purpose: to provide you with a wonderful selection of portable, real fruit choices that enriches and delight! 

They have spent decades travelling the world to develop world class fruit processing technology. Their products preserve and maximize the inherent nutrition, flavour, and natural colour of fruit.  

At Naturo, their philosophy is to harness the power of real fruit and to inspire wholesome living. Preserving the goodness of fruit is at the heart of their product innovation. 

The company strives to bring the nutrition of real fruit through each of our delicious tropical fruit products. They hope that everyone, young and old, enjoys the goodness of fruit all year round, in the most delicious and convenient forms! From ready-to-eat health snacks to delicious jams and jellies--they produce it all.

Every product from the house of Nature contributes to the recommended daily fruit intake of 100g/day. Their innovative array of fruit-rich products provides an exciting choice of nutrient-rich alternatives to snack on and include in your daily repertoire. 

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