Nod for legal Cannabis cultivation, Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand will be the first state in the country where the cultivation of cannabis crop will be commercially harvested, which is a wonderful source of high quality fiber, medicinal and nutritious products. This decision is not less than a boon for farmers. The state government licensed the industrial hemp association earlier this month. A non-profit organization that promotes the industrial application of cannabis to increase fiber over 1000 hectares on a pilot basis.

Rohit Sharma, founder president IIHA will soon start cultivating non-narcotics farming with the initial focus on forming a seed bank. Pauri Garhwal area will be the first village to experience commercial hemp farming. Even though the policy of allowing the cultivation of non psychoactive and physiological effects of cannabis was prepared in 1985 it failed in the country due to lack of proper procedures for its cultivation, procurement and use, on the contrary, there was no such problem in opium cultivation.

“About 5 years ago when we started working on industrial cannabis, we tried to figure out why India is not working in the way as $ 1 billion industry in Europe and North America, and economies like China are working. Through officials, we realized that their interest was in it, but they were weak to move on. “

A high value crop like cannabis is ideal for a state like Uttarakhand where topology and acute water shortage fall in the way of growing conventional crops. In addition to the destruction of crops by wild animals, there is very popular in Uttarakhand. The cannabis can be cut in three months. Very little water is required and in those places where the water is abundant, two crops can be grown.

At present, officials have given permission to produce cannabis for fiber, which will be used in the textile industry. While the high value seeds and flowers in the medical and food processing industry have not yet been validated in the country. IIHA, which has been allowed to produce cannabis for 5 years, is expected to contain 10,000 hectares of area, even if the State Government has more ambitious target of growing more than 100,000 hectares. While the total economic value of cannabis farming (each crop) of 3.75 lakhs per hectare farmers will not be able to realize the maximum value as the purchase of seeds and flowers is not allowed. Hemp seeds and cannabis protein powder, made from leftover cakes, which are rich in digestive proteins, are popular all over the world.

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