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Now it's possible for farmers to do hassle free purchase with minimum and fair price value.

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Community Friendly Movement (CFM) assures to provide a convenient platform for the farmers with regard to value for money and quality concern, whether it's required for farming or lifestyle oriented purpose.

Recently CFM organized an event with the collaboration of KRISHI JAGRAN at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Badaun, Uttar Pradesh to spread awareness and innovative ideas related to agriculture for the betterment of farmers. It was attended by more than 40 village representatives, and seemed a pretty good initiative.

Event started with the national anthem and thereafter the officials of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, CFM, and Krishi Jagran addressed the participants effectively. The idea behind the event was to inform them about the technology and scientific cultivation techniques for better results.

The chief guest, Mr. M.C. Dominic, Editor Krishi Jagran stated that "there are many wonderful achievements we can see in the field of agriculture. It is only because of the rapid growth and excellent inventions done by Krishi Vigyan Kendra which is working towards the betterment in agriculture is worth praising. Krishi Jagran is contributing as well to spread the information by reaching out to farmers with the magazine and I'd like to mention the initiative, team of CFM is taking is appreciable.”

Mr. R. P. Singh (Director, KVK) who joined the event as the special guest addressed the people in various contexts, he stated: "I welcome the team of Krishi Jagran and CFM for being part of such initiative which is helping us as well by working for the betterment in agricultural activities."

He added while addressing farmers that, "despite knowing the fact that there are more than 600 Krishi Vigyan Kendra established by the government only in rural districts of India, it's really sad to know that farmers in the rural area use whatever they want without the knowledge of the product they're using, hence they bear the burden of very harmful effects on their land, so instead of using anything, just ask what is your concern and what is needed."

He further elaborated, "however at some point it's not easy for us to reach some underprivileged rural areas but still, we try to reach out to them and address their concern, despite all the negligible difficulties. We have established some farms in Badaun district for better and quality based seed production, so we can provide our farmer brothers the quality product for the best results in their crops".

There are many activities Krishi Vigyan Kendra organizes like fair for the farmers, called 'Kisan Mela' twice in a year. We are here to support in every aspect with scientific agriculture techniques and if it's followed by every single farmer in our country then certainly they will get much more difference in profit as compared to previous year's cultivation.

By adding the importance of soil testing he stated, "many farmers have no idea about the soil testing but it is very important part of farming.  There is our own soil testing laboratory in Krishi Vigyan Kendra, so farmers can bring the sample of the soil to our laboratory and get the soil health card after the 10 parameters of testing, which will tell you in the report the credibility of the soil regarding the crops you want to cultivate on that land. So stop using chemicals without knowledge and destroy your land.”

He motivated the farmers by stating and informing about the 43 species of medicinal and aromatic plants which are being cultivated by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Badaun, such as camphor, asparagus, asafoetida etc. and these plants cultivation ideas can lead the farmers towards higher yield and business.

“We all can do anything and get what we want, but only if we think of doing so, but without taking a  step further nobody is going to get anywhere or anything, so  we’ll  have to make a change and that is possible only by execution and implementation .”

Krishi Vigyan Kendra all over India is working for the betterment in the agriculture world with the new ideas of scientific cultivation and technology. The scientists and research teams are also working with this concerns and CFM is already in the process to make this gateway convenient for the farmers too.

Later Mr. Saurav  Ghosh (co-founder of CFM) acknowledged the village representatives that “purpose of the CFM is to provide the best in the market to the farmers without any inconvenience and directly from the manufacturers to get the middle men out of the way in the whole process so that the farmers can look for the outcome in the business perspective.”

“Without any technical knowledge if we follow the traditional culture and method of farming then it is sure that there will be productivity. But with the knowledge and the input of better and modern scientific method and technology we can certainly get the best out of it.”
Mr. Ghosh further stated that “We have assigned many block officers, associated with village representative members to keep in touch with the farmers every now and then, who are already working in more than 16 districts in Uttar Pradesh state only and the count is still increasing day by day. Our vision is to organize 700 more such events to spread the awareness for better agricultural exposure.”

Then Mr. Rahul Singh (project chief coordinator CFM) informed the people about ‘silicon’ known as plant growth regulator, is bringing the positive diversification in the productivity of vegetables, is prescribed to use the dosage followed as 2 ml/litre of water in the early stage of their growth of the plant for the better results, and it is also suggested that disobeying the prescribed dosage leads to harmful results for the crops”. Mr. Rahul also shared more insights and concluded by answering the questions raised by village representatives and clearing all their doubts.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Operation Head-Krishi Jagran, thanked the panelists and the participants and described some benefits of Krishi Jagran magazine to the farmers.

Later the village representatives with CFM and Krishi Jagran officials visited the bio control and soil testing laboratories, medicinal and aromatic plant’s farm of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Badaun under the guidance of Dr. R. P. Singh (Director and Senior Scientist, KVK) and Dr. Sanjay Kumar (Scientist, Plant Safety, KVK). 

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