NSAI concluded its 11th AGM

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Our country is based on agriculture. Farming is done on a larger part of the country and seed companies play an important role in this activity. On the basis of good seeds that farmers get from the companies, good crop are produced.  Association of all such companies, The National Seed Association of India, organized their 11th AGM at the Delhi Nass Complex.

Director General of ICAR Dr. Trilochan Mahapatra and President of NSAI Prabhakar Rao started the AGM by lighting the lamp. After that, Dr. Kalyan Goswami, executive director, NSAI highlighted the functions of the NSAI. It proceeded with the General Secretary of the Association, ASN Reddy presenting a report to all the members. The report highlighted the financial condition, achievements and other actions of the NSAI. ASN Reddy said that the financial position of the association has increased in this financial year. With this, the number of its members has also increased. On the other side, President Prabhakar Rao took note of CSR actions. He said that the Association has helped farmers in different ways under CSR. Whether they are suffering from any disaster or are suffering from any other distress. Prabhakar Rao also insisted to other members to join such activities.

Dr. Kalyan Goswami said that NSAI has linked many members with it over the last four years. He said that there are more than four hundred members today with NSAI. This Association is fully committed to working in the interests of the farmers. The election of the new President of the National Seed Association of India was also held during this AGM. There were some changes in the strategy of the election and an Election Commission was formed.

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