Objectives of Gram Sabha Meeting on Republic Day, 26 January

M.S. Shanmugham, Thanjavur Collector said, “Gram Sabha meetings will take place on Republic Day i.e. January 26. The meetings will be held in all the 589 panchayats in the district.” 

The objective of the Sabhas will be to give approval for the list of beneficiaries of the village for different schemes and the development works to be taken up in the villages. They will also discuss whether the community sports grounds in the villages are properly maintained. 

The government has ordered that Rs. 10,000 can be spent from the Panchayat fund to maintain village community sports grounds. 

The Gram Sabha meeting will discuss the implementation of the total sanitation programme in the villages. Interestingly, the government is also providing an incentive of Rs. 2,200 for putting up toilets in houses. The Collector appealed to people to participate in the meetings and play a role in decision making. 

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