Olive Tea from Rajasthan will hit European markets soon

The Government of Rajasthan has signed a partnership agreement for the distribution of its olive tea across UK and the rest of Europe with Greanleaf Trading Company, UK. In the first phase, the tea will be available in the UK and then in other European countries.

Rajasthan Government has been started cultivating olives since 2007. With the help of technology from Israel, they had planted olives on 5,000 hectares of land.

An MoU was signed between the Government of Rajasthan and Olitia Foods Pvt. Ltd., a Jaipur based exporting company in GRAM 2016 for producing olive tea. Olitia Foods had promised an investment of INR 10 crores for the same. This step aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of doubling the farmers' income.

Dr. Prabhu Lal Saini, Agriculture Minister of Rajasthan, says that the lab tests have confirmed the presence of a strong antioxidant called Luteolin in olive leaves that can even help prevent several types of cancer - blood cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.

“Unlike other crops, olive plants don't need soft water which is scarce in Rajasthan. Since olives don't sprout throughout the year, olive tea leaves give farmers more income as these grow back in 40-50 days”, says  Dharampal Garhwal, Director, Olitia Foods.

The olive tea is called a modern day elixir because its health benefits are more than any other tea. Packed with antioxidants, this tea clears the skin of toxins and carcinogens. It energizes even when it has no caffeine. It reduces wrinkles, acne and gives the skin a young glow. It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. It improves immunity and hence prevents cold and flu.




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