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Organ Donation Day 2019: Who & How Can You Become An Organ Donor? Read Unknown Facts Inside...

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Organ Donation Day 2019

Organ donation day is observed in India on 13 August every year. It strives to motivate people to donate their healthy and precious organs after death to save lives.  According to the National Health Portal, 500,000 people die due to non-availability of organs. Organ donation day tries to spread information and create awareness about organ donation.

What is the importance of Organ Donation Day?

Organ Donation Day tries to eliminate the myths and fears that people have in their mind about organ donation. Organ donation can change the life of many people by giving a new life to the ones in need. It can simply be termed as a gift of life. A donor can initiate to donate organs such as heart, liver, intestine, kidneys, lungs and pancreas after his or her death. Then, later these organs can be transplanted into another person who is in urgent requirement.

Who can be an organ donor?

According to the national guidelines, the organ donor can be anyone irrespective of age, gender, caste, religion or community.

How can you be an organ donor?

There are two ways of donating organs-
By pledging for organ donation when a person is alive or by consent of family after death.

Which organs can be donated?

Skin tissues
Bone tissues
Heart valves
Small Intestine

How to became a donor?

Step one: Visit the official website of ORBO (Organ Retrieval Banking Organization), AIMMS.

Step two: Download the donor form from their.

Step three: Fill the form, enter details of two relatives (one of the which should be a near relative to the donor).

Step four: If your request is accepted then a “Donor Card” will be send to you.

Unregistered donor
However, if a person expires without registration, then their family members can donate the deceased organs.

  • After organ failure, vital organs like heart, liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs and pancreas can be transplanted.

  • If someone younger than the age of 18 wants to donate organ then he or she must have an agreement of parents or guardian.

  • A proper medical examination is required before organ donation to check whether the patient is healthy enough to donate or not.

  • Some serious health conditions like cancer, HIV AIDS are taken under serious consideration.

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