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Ozone to be used in Orchards

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Pesticides and agrochemicals as residue in the fruits and vegetables is the common phenomena now a days. Is it myth or reality, still not solved. Indian consumers are afraid of the pesticides residue in their serve. Many pesticides manufacturing companies are conducting training for their dealers to educate them about the proper quantity of the agrochemicals and pesticides to be used in the crops of the fruits and vegetables.

Agriculture Scientists, extension scientists and the consumers are also worried about the availability of the residues. A machine has been developed to distribute water and oxygen in the form of ozone instead of distributing pesticides. It is a revolutionary atomizer.

The oxidizing effects of ozone (O3) are well known. Dissolved in water at low concentrations (1-4 mg/litre), it can devitalize all forms of parasites (fungi, bacteria, viruses).
First of all, it is equipped with an ozone generator. The ozone is then mixed with the water in the tank and there is also a power generator.

"The first results have been encouraging. Thanks to the collaboration of Met Ozone Experts and GR Gamberini atomizzatori, we have developed this machine that can be used in orchards, open fields and greenhouses too," explains agronomist Stefano Poppi."There are many advantages of using ozone - there are no residues, no packets to dispose of, no safety intervals. No resistant virus, bacterial or fungal strains form. Operators have no problems and can immediately access greenhouses after applications. "We are now testing it in fields to assess its positive effects in orchards. I must also say that plants become more vigorous after the treatment."

-Chander Mohan
Krishi Jagran, Delhi

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