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Pariksha Pe Charcha 2: Tips by PM Modi

Sheetal Dhamecha
Sheetal Dhamecha

In the second edition of the Pariksha Pe Charcha, PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday interacted with around 2000 students from the nation. With board exams round the corner, PM interacted with parents, students and teachers at Talkotra Stadium, New Delhi. 
“My aim is not to teach any of the students, parents, teachers," PM Modi said. He stated that he wasn’t there to advice anyone but to feel and be one amongst all. 

See what the PM advised - 

  • Exams are important in life, but one should not be stressed by it. ‘Abhi nahi to kabhi nahi,’ should not be the only motto. After all, it’s not the exam of life but just a particular grade. 

  • Expectations should prove to be positive. We shouldn’t be bogged down by the pressure of expectations. 

  • While aiming big in life is good, one shouldn’t be so carried away by it that the dreams remain dreams, and you become too old just thinking about them. 

  • Break your dreams into phases and give them a time frame. One must plan to cross one milestone at a time. 

  • Results and marks should be considered as by products, one must concentrate on giving the best. 

  • Like childhood doesn’t die with breaking of some toys, life doesn’t come to a stop if the results aren’t as per the expectations. 

  • Compare yourself with your own old records and plan to break them. You will never have the chance to drown in a trough of despair if you break your records yourself. 

  • Time Management is important. Those who master the art of time management, go through life effortlessly. If there are 10 things to do, one must know to choose 6 to 7 that need priority. 

The PM said that parents should be a source of motivation and encouragement for the children. 

  • Parents shouldn’t expect children to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams. 

  • Parents shouldn’t make the report cards of their children, their own visiting cards. This leads to unreal expectations. 


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