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Pashu Palan Mela: Agri Minister Gurmeet Singh Khuddian Encourages Farmers to Seek University Support for Better Production and Income

The event showcases innovative initiatives in livestock farming, including bamboo-made poultry sheds and theme-based stalls for home remedies, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among farmers and stakeholders.

Saurabh Shukla
Pashu Palan Mela: Agri Minister Gurmeet Singh Khuddian Encourages Farmers to Seek University Support for Better Production and Income
Pashu Palan Mela: Agri Minister Gurmeet Singh Khuddian Encourages Farmers to Seek University Support for Better Production and Income

Pashu Palan Mela at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, was inaugurated with great enthusiasm by Gurmeet Singh Khuddian, Cabinet Minister of Punjab for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Animal Husbandry, Dairying, and Fisheries. The event witnessed a distinguished gathering, with Dr. Jeetendra Verma, President of the World Veterinary Poultry Association, gracing the occasion as the guest of honor.

Addressing the gathering, Khuddian highlighted the crucial role of animal husbandry in boosting the economy and society. He urged farmers to leverage the expertise of universities for enhanced productivity and income generation. Applauding the efforts of the Vet Varsity in extending services to farmers, he underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing the agricultural sector.

Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor of the University, outlined the thematic focus of the event, centered around the concept of 'Homemade Therapy for Animals with Enhanced Profitability'. He encouraged farmers to embrace livestock professions with a scientific outlook, leveraging technology for sustainable growth.

Pashu Palan Mela served as a platform for knowledge exchange, showcasing the University's research, education, and extension programs. The two-day event witnessed active participation from farmers, scientists, extension workers, and representatives from various sectors including dairy, fodder, and fisheries.

Dr. Parkash Singh Brar, Director of Extension Education, highlighted the overwhelming response from farmers, particularly in inquiries regarding goat, pig, and fish farming. The availability of training programs and informative literature further empowered attendees to adopt best practices in livestock management.

The University demonstrated its exemplary germplasm, featuring cows, buffaloes, goats, and poultry breeds. Experts delivered insightful talks on livestock, poultry, and fish farming, addressing common challenges and presenting integrated farming models for enhanced profitability.

The event underscored sustainability, with demonstrations on integrated livestock farming and value-added products from milk, meat, and fish. Additionally, stalls featuring mouth-watering delicacies prepared by the College of Dairy Science & Technology added a flavorful dimension to the event.

Pashu Palan Mela witnessed active participation from various stakeholders, including veterinary pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, and government departments. Livestock associations and self-help groups showcased their contributions, fostering community engagement and collaboration.

With its vibrant atmosphere and educational offerings, the Pashu Palan Mela promises to be a catalyst for transformative change in the livestock sector. Scheduled to continue on March 15, 2024, the event is poised to further empower farmers and stakeholders, driving innovation and growth in animal husbandry.

Innovative Initiatives

The inauguration saw the introduction of several innovative initiatives aimed at revolutionizing livestock farming in the region:

  • Bamboo Made Poultry Shed: A novel approach to poultry rearing, a bamboo-made poultry shed was introduced, showcasing sustainable practices in livestock housing.

  • Poultry Brooding Pan: Another highlight was the introduction of a poultry brooding pan, demonstrating advancements in poultry care and management.

  • Theme-Based Stall for Home Remedies: To promote traditional methods of animal healthcare, a theme-based stall featuring home remedies was established, emphasizing cost-effective solutions for farmers.

  • Impressive Models Display: The event featured impressive models illustrating different livestock farming practices, providing insights into modern techniques and technologies.

Other dignitaries involved in the event, Dr GS Bedi, Director, Animal Husbandry Department, Jasvir Singh, Director & Warden Fisheries, Punjab, S. Sukhbir Singh Jakhar, S. Dupinder Singh, Director, PDDB, S. Mahinder Singh Sidhu, chairman Punseed, Parmveer Singh, Vice-Chairman, MSME Board, Master Hari Singh, Member Animal Welfare Board Punjab along with Deans, Directors and Officers also graced the occasion.

Pashu Palan Mela stands as a indication to the collective efforts towards promoting sustainable agriculture and fostering prosperity in rural communities.

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