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Pineapple Fest 2023: PM Modi Praises Meghalaya’s Pineapples For Receiving Recognition at International Level

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has said that he is happy to see Meghalaya’s Pineapples receiving the recognition they deserve both domestically and internationally.

Vivek Singh
Pineapple Fest 2023, New Delhi (Photo Courtesy: pib.gov.in)
Pineapple Fest 2023, New Delhi (Photo Courtesy: pib.gov.in)

PM Narendra Modi expressed his satisfaction at the acknowledgment that Meghalaya's pineapples are receiving on both national and global platforms. He responded to Chief Minister K Sangma's post regarding the Pineapple Festival at Dilli Haat, New Delhi, mentioning that he was content to witness the recognition the pineapples truly merit.

“Happy to see Meghalaya’s Pineapples receiving the recognition they deserve both domestically and internationally. Such endeavours not only celebrate our diverse agricultural heritage but also empower our farmers.”

According to a Researchgate publication, India holds the third position globally in terms of pineapple cultivation area and ranks sixth in pineapple production. In 2010, the country had an area of 91.90 thousand hectares dedicated to pineapple farming, yielding a production of 13.86 lakh million tons. Notably, the North Eastern Himalayan (NEH) region contributes over 40 per cent of India's total pineapple production, of which around 90-95 per cent is grown organically.

Within the state of Meghalaya, the total fruit-growing area spans 27.74 thousand hectares, with pineapples accounting for 38 per cent of this space (10.5 thousand hectares). This pineapple cultivation area in Meghalaya has been observed to be on the rise.

Presently, Meghalaya's pineapples have ventured into international markets, bringing substantial benefits to local growers. These pineapples predominantly thrive in the Ri Bhoi and East Garo Hills districts, nurtured by local communities through traditional and naturally organic methods. Lulu Group facilitates the marketing of these pineapples in the Gulf countries' markets.

The Pineapple Festival held in New Delhi stands as a noteworthy initiative in advancing the promotion and global presence of this product. It signifies a significant stride towards enhancing its stature in both domestic and international markets.

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