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PM Modi Urges Citizens to Adopt Organic Farming at Home

Prime Minister was responding to Sangeeta Yadav Maurya, a Rajya Sabha member, who had tweeted a video clip of various kinds of rooftop vegetables

Ayushi Sikarwar
pm modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (File Image)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to practice organic farming at home, while he was responding to a tweet sent out by Sangeeta Yadav Maurya, a member of the Rajya Sabha, in which she displayed different types of rooftop vegetables.

Maurya shared the video on the microblogging site Twitter with the caption, "Connect with nature whenever you get time. The touch of soil with your hands gives you a deep satisfaction".

PM Modi retweeted this video, captioning it, "Brilliant! Connection with nature as well as healthy eating... rest of the people can also try this at their home".


Earlier on Wednesday, PM Modi asserted that he thinks development and nature can coexist, protecting the environment is a commitment rather than a requirement for India. In a message read aloud at the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) hosted by The Energy and Resources Institute, he stated that India aims to meet an increased percentage of its power demand from renewable and alternative sources of energy (TERI).

According to him, the nation is using cutting-edge technology and innovation to address a variety of urban challenges, especially those related to pollution and cleanliness.

We firmly think that human development and the natural world can coexist. We started Mission LIFE with the goal of integrating sustainable development into daily living. Adopting a lifestyle that is environmentally friendly is the mission's main goal. According to him, the environment is now not only a global issue but also each person's personal and collective obligation.

The nation has adopted a multifaceted strategy to create a long-term roadmap for a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle, whether it be through initiatives to uplift and empower the underprivileged, promote organic farming, or shield farms from the whims of nature, he said.

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