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IVPA 2023: 'Aug 4 Will be Known as World Veg Oils Day,' Says Sudhakar Desai, CEO of Emami Agrotech Ltd

Noting the importance of agriculture in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a heartfelt message note as the two-day event of the Indian Vegetable Oil Producers' Association (IVPA) concluded on Saturday, August 5.

Aysha Anam
Sudhaar Desai, CEO of Emami Agrotech Ltd at IVPA's event.
Sudhaar Desai, CEO of Emami Agrotech Ltd at IVPA's event.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday appreciated the event held in Delhi ‘IVPA Global Round Table on Veg Oil and Oilseed Sector’ supporting the agriculture sector. The two-day event started on August 4, Friday and concluded on August 5, Saturday.

The Indian Vegetable Oil Producers' Association (IVPA) is an apex body that represents stakeholders in the edible oil value chain in India. The vision of IVPA is to promote sustainability, economic growth, and excellence in the edible oils and oilseeds value chain in India.

IVPA aims to bring together industry experts, policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders from around the world to discuss and address key challenges and opportunities in the vegetable oil and oilseed sector.

“It is heartening to learn about the IVPA Roundtable Conference on Vegetable Oil and Oilseeds 2023' organized by Indian Vegetable Oil Producers' Association. Greetings and best wishes to every participant attending this conference on a subject of vital importance,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said.

Founded in 1977, IVPA was formally registered as the "Indian Vanaspati Producers' Association" in 1979 under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. It later adopted the name "Indian Vegetable Oil Producers' Association".

He also explained the relevance of IVPA in his message, “During the last 9 years, our government has been working tirelessly to fulfill the pledge of achieving self-reliance in edible oils. The first step towards this was to ramp up the procurement of oilseeds from our farmers at MSP. The procurement of oilseeds went up multifold in comparison to earlier numbers. Further, our commitment is reflected through massive investments in the ecosystem be it quality seeds, technology, or investments, every facility is being provided to the farmers to make India self-reliant in this domain.”

Sudhakar Desai, CEO of Emami Agrotech Ltd, says, “We had a successful day today…We involved farmers from the northeast, our sustainability farmers.”

“Policymakers were also participating because there is a common interest to see this sector growing in a balanced manner i.e. the right price to the farmers. There are a number of factors important to the veg oil sector,” he added.

Being grateful for receiving appreciation from PM Narendra Modi, he said, “Aug 4 will be known as world veg oils day by bringing focus on the topic of self-sufficiency to all the stakeholders across the value chain.”

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