Prevent your Crop from Hailstorm and Ice Accumulation

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

A healthy crop is the ultimate result of a farmer’s hard work put in the field. But sometimes due to heavy rains and hailstorm, this effort gets destroyed, putting the farmer in distress. Increasingly devastating weather phenomena are now threatening even the anti-hail/anti-bug nets. Often, heavy hailstorms damage not only the nets but also break the poles. To avoid this, the European patented V5 system is a type of anti-hail cover characterized by an innovative ice discharge method which prevents the formation of dangerous build-ups on the nets. 

Looking at the net's profile, you can notice two different slopes: the first one is relatively flat, while the second one has a strong slope so to make a funnel. A technician said, “Therefore, the net has great flexibility. In the case of a hailstorm, the slope increases thus immediately discharging the ice. The two net-cloths are tied in two parts: through elastic between the intermediate supports and through plaques between the external supports”. Eventually, the net looks like a triangle pointing downwards, where the hail is collected and discharged. It is also possible to close the net so to isolate it from the Asian bug. 

“The Idrologica Company proposes, develops and installs farming plants and machinery, for private and public gardens and for industries and large sports facilities. We contribute to the improvement of the agricultural and agri-food productions and to the increase of green areas. This is thanks to the experience of our specialized human resources who are capable to constantly support in specific technical matters”. 

Irrigation, technology, and sustainability 

Ideological srl was officially born on January 14th, 2009, from the merger of company branches of Cofra sc di Faenza and Consorzio Agrario di Ravenna. The Ideological idea starts from the awareness of the needs of farms, and from the need for collective planning. This creates a company that has an integrated system of skills and ensures an increase in the quality of services offered, one a reality that supports and enriches the world of agriculture, keeping the doors open also towards the public sector.  "It is in the ability to accumulate, store and distribute a precious commodity like the water that resides our business." 

The main objective of this new company is to support agriculture by aiming at a competitive improvement, solving two fundamental aspects of the agriculture of the Romagna area, that of environmental sustainability and of high-quality production of agricultural products.  Ideological presents itself as an active and attentive protagonist to the needs of the whole Emilia Romagna region. The most important activity is certainly the one addressed to the agricultural world, but also to the public and private sectors. "Every response concerning the theme of water and environmental sustainability will see us committed". 

Ideological is responsible for conserving, accumulating and distributing water, the most important energy resource for the environment, using the best available technologies. The company proposes, designs and installs equipment for agriculture, public and private gardens, industries and large sports facilities; in essence it contributes to the improvement of agricultural and agri-food production, and to the increase in green areas, thanks above all to the expertise of specialized human resources, capable of providing targeted technical assistance at all times. 

The Hydrological systems are made by the best Italian and foreign manufacturers in the sector and thanks to the constant updating of personnel and equipment, the technologies used are always the most advanced and innovative. Water resources are a precious commodity, increasingly rare and expensive. A drop of water should not be wasted with a hydrological system. 

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