Primeminister meets farmer - Both ‘Chaiwalaa’

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Not to wonder, your dream may come true has proven by Roop Narayan Singh Chauhan of Kanpur’s Yadgarpur village, who got to see the Prime Minister in person on January 2 in New Delhi.

A small-time farmer from Fatehpur is besotted with Prime Minister Narendra Modi so much that he wrote a 151-feet-long handwritten congratulatory letter to him.While his gift, which was designed in over six months, was unique, the return gift that he got was just priceless.

“He is the most respected figure in my life. I wanted to meet him and do something to show his greatness,” said Singh, while showing his photos with the Prime Minister and the card that he made.

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“It is a letter. One side has my messages for the PM and on the other side, it is saffron and green,” says the man soon after he was back from New Delhi.

He started working on the letter last year and focused entirely on two points.

While first was the policies of the Prime Minister and their impact on the lives of the people, second part was all about how Fatehpur and adjoining districts feel about him.

“The first part carries a detailed description of schemes run by the union government and why they are important for the country,” he says

“The entire letter is handwritten and it is in two parts; I have tried to be artistic and managed enough clarity in my work,” he said.

The Prime Minister was happy and appreciated the work a great deal in the meeting.

He reportedly said, “It was the happiest moment of my life.”

Father of three children, Chauhan found the PM extremely grounded and full of affection.

Union minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti took him to the Prime Minister.

Chauhan is a small time farmer and runs a tea shop near GT road outside his village.

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