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Registration Form for Recommending Daily Wage Labourers (Farm Labourers) Who Need Financial Support at the time of Corona Crisis: An Initiative by India Care Collective

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

According to The International Labour Organization (ILO), about 25 million jobs could be lost globally due to coronavirus and the National Labour institute survey states that casual labor makes up 14.7 percent of all workers when classified by category of employment in urban areas. Self-employed workers make up 38.3 percent while 47 percent are regular wage/salary workers. Most workers who are self-employed are ‘own account’ workers. Such workers along with the casual workers provide service on a daily basis and are hit hard in a scenario where economic activity dips sharply. 

In the wake of the Corona Crisis and its associated lockdown procedures, there are many daily wage labourers in dire need of money due to wage loss from the Corona outbreak. There is an excellent Initiative from the  India Care Collective, a COVID-19 relief effort,  a group of citizens with a proven background of social service, who are working together to help families impacted because of wage loss situations arising due to coronavirus pandemic. 

India Care Collective has put out a form for the beneficiaries to make it a little easy for them to survive the lockdown. We can recommend a person whom we know who is in need of money at this juncture. Whenever we are uploading the details, please make sure you verify the details at your end before we make an entry in the form. An Amount of Rs 2500 per family per month is being considered for support towards food etc. This is a part of the COVID relief initiative by India Care Collective. 

There are some Recommendations to the beneficiaries (you need to know them personally), Contribute money to the cause (details below), Join the team ( find 2-3 hours min per day). 

The modus operandi of the initiative is ‘pan-India’, wishes to ‘care’ for those impacted and is a ‘collective’ or a cooperative made up of citizens who are doing this in their spare time. We don’t charge the donors for our time or effort. We reach out to donors and ask them to NOT donate to us but commit an amount if we could assure them of the authenticity of the beneficiaries. Through a large network of NGOs, citizens, govt officials, we register beneficiaries asking for personal references. There are Two-level checks happen - The referring person certifies that s/he knows the beneficiary personally and that the person needs support. Our team calls the referee and also the beneficiary to verify the requirement. Once satisfied, the collective will prepare a small note containing the name of the beneficiary, her life story, how much support is required and bank details. 

This note is sent to the donor to make a direct transfer to beneficiaries. Although this is an effort-intensive operation, there are three advantages to donors. Zero overhead costs. Every single pie goes to beneficiaries. No trust deficit with a middleman. We don’t ask you to transfer funds to us so you know there is no opportunity for anyone to misuse the funds. The people behind the initiative are all Alumni who are excellent in Social Sector work and presently working as Consultants and Advisors at various levels. 


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