Relief Package for Farmers Expected to be Approved, Meeting delayed

The Union Cabinet’s meeting scheduled for today, Monday to tackle farm distress has been deferred as per the PTI.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the agricultural ministry’s proposal for addressing income deficit syndrome of small and marginal farmers. The ministry’s proposal includes recommendations to address agrarian distress through both, short term and long term solutions. However, due to the huge cost involved, the decision shall be taken in the Cabinet post discussion. 

As per sources, one of the options proposed is waiving interest on crop loans for farmers who pay on time. There is another proposal to completely waive premium for taking insurance policy for food crops. The scheme followed by the Telangana and Odisha governments is also being evaluated by the Centre, wherein a fixed amount is transferred directly into the bank account of farmers. 

Agriculture Minister, Radha Ram Mohan had indicated that the government shall announce the agricultural relief package before releasing the Budget. 

In view of elections being around the corner and BJP’s defeat in the recent State elections, the farmers’ distress is to be addressed at the earliest possible. As per experts, the government has less time to implement any new scheme and the measure has to be such that it can be implemented faster to reap the political gains during the elections. .  

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