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KJ Staff
KJ Staff

It is very evident that whatsapp is an important part of our daily routine. Whatsapp is a good mode to stay connected with friends, family and also have made its way towards official uses lately.

According to a research, in July 2017 there were 130 million active users of whatsapp in the world. Uttar Pradesh government has taken advantage of this technique to help farmers through the help of WhatsApp and messaging under the supervision and monitoring system of the participating crop. Now whatsapps will help to get rid of pests and diseases in farmers' crops.

The Uttar Pradesh state government has issued a whatsapp number for the farmers. Medicine, management and solution of the problem faced by farmers can be discussed at this number. Within 48 hours of the message to the WhatsApp number, reply would be followed. This system has been implemented in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh. The concerned farmer can ask for solution of his problem, attaching picture via SMS or whatsapp on the mobile number 9452247111 or 9452257111.

Specialists in the field of Agriculture will send the name and the amount of medicines to the patients to remove the diseases from the crop within just 48 hours. Simultaneously, Agriculture Officer's High Commissioner, will make sure that the problem is resolved by calling the farmers.

To join this number, the farmer can join his name by sending his name, village, post, development block, tehsil and district name to 9452247111 or 9452257111 by the number of any member of his or her household. Apart from this, farmers can send messages through Bhai SMS, this service is absolutely free for the farmers by the government.

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