save the cotton crop from the pink bollworm

Hero aakash

Cotton farmers and traders in Maharashtra are worried about Pink Bollworm. farmers are afraid that the worm does not ruin their cotton crop again. Good price and demand is going on. In both domestic and international markets. At the same time traders and farmers have also worries about its decline in production.

Pradeep Jain, the president  of Khandes Guining and Pressing Association, said that we had told the farmers that cotton and price of its seeds will remain good. However, it could fall at least 10 percent in its area.Pink Bollworm is a worm that ruins the cotton crop. About this, Anil Ghanhawat, president of shetkari sangathan said that the state government has not made farmers aware about Pink Bollworm.They were not told that what measures should be taken to avoid this. A large number of  farmers keep the crop in the field till April and May.

Agriculture experts advised that the cotton crop should be finished in the field and kept vacant for two months. This worm can live only in the cotton crop. Emptying the field, it dies. Ghanavat said that the steps of the Maharashtra government did not match the Gujarat government

There the government has successfully reduced the risk of Pinkbollworm. Jain says that it is difficult to persuade farmers to remove the crop from the field soon. He said that by keeping the crop in the field till April-May, the farmers earn additional income of Rs.10,000 per quintal due to excess production.

Meanwhile, the demand for cotton is increasing .Due to GST and demonetisation the demand for this segment was decreasing, But now it getting stronger again. Due to the possibility of that cotton demand will increase so the prices will  increase.

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