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SBI Customers Beware of Fraudsters; You May lose All Your Money If You Don't Follow These Instructions

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
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All your savings can go away in a moment if you are not careful about how to handle your bank account. The State Bank of India has released a warning for its customers regarding this. It said every bank account holders must be very careful when it comes to maintaining the secrecy of their financial credentials. This is because fraudsters are constantly keeping an eye on your accounts. A small mistake made by you will benefit the fraudsters.

SBI through a short video has explained as to how a fraudster can fool you and steal your money. The bank has strictly asked its customers not to share their bank details with anybody. In fact it has urged people to follow 'Stop, Think, Act' method before sharing their financial credentials with anyone. If you follow these steps then no scammer will ever be able to fool you.

The bank said, "Never share or discuss your bank details with anybody for any reason! Protect yourself from falling prey to hoaxers by keeping your information private & immediately reporting any communication that requests for it."

What to do if someone asks for your financial details:

1. Stop before you share your account details like card number, CVV, PIN, OTP. Do not download unknown apps from unknown links.

2. Think for a while as to who is asking for the details and why.

3. Act and report it the incident immediately as it may be a fraud.

The bank has asked all the customers to communicate this message to everyone so that they do not share their financial information.

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How to protect your SBI bank account?

Here are important tips that you must follow in order to protect your bank account:

  • Open your bank website only by typing the URL in the address bar of your browser.

  • Know about downloading any malicious application from mobile app stores like Google Playstore, Apple App Store etc that provides Online Banking. Check their genuineness before downloading, by contacting the Bank.

  • Remember that SBI never sends you email or SMS or calls you over phone to get your personal information like password or pin. Any such e-mail or SMS is an attempt to falsely withdraw money from your account via Internet Banking. Do not respond to such email or SMS. Lock your details immediately, if by mistake you have revealed your credentials.

  • Do not get enticed if you receive an e-mail or SMS or phone call promising any reward.

  • Scan your computer or laptop on a regular basis with Antivirus to ensure that the system is Virus or Trojan free.

  • Change your Internet Banking password regularly.

  • Always log-out properly after using Internet Banking

  • Avoid accessing Internet banking from cyber cafes or shared PCs.

  • Do not click on any banking related links that you receive in your e-mails.

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