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Secure Your Livestock: Bihar Government Offers Rs 60,000 for Animal Insurance

Bihar Government-backed initiative enables farmers to insure dairy animals at a nominal cost, providing substantial compensation of up to 60,000 rupees. Learn how this scheme safeguards livestock owners and encourages animal husbandry.

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To encourage farmers not just in agriculture but also in livestock farming, farmers are now being provided with facilities to purchase animals and insure them along with housing. The Bihar government is offering benefits of up to Rs 60,000 to farmers who insure their animals. Those engaged in farming or livestock rearing can avail of the benefits of this scheme.

The cost of insuring dairy animals is nominal. By paying a small premium, farmers can receive compensation of up to 60,000 rupees in case of any harm to their animals. This scheme can prove to be highly advantageous for dairy farmers and those involved in milk production. Applications are currently being accepted, and interested livestock farmers or dairy farmers can apply for this scheme.

Key Highlights

The Bihar Government's Directorate of Dairy Development is implementing insurance for dairy animals in the state to safeguard livestock owners from potential harm to their animals. This scheme is accessible to livestock owners across various categories. It aims to provide insurance benefits to dairy animals, protecting them in situations like the spread of hazardous diseases like Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) or other causes leading to animal mortality. The primary objective is not only to enhance rural economy but also to protect livestock farmers from losses due to animal harm, encouraging them in animal husbandry.

Available Subsidy

Under this scheme initiated by the state government, beneficiaries will receive subsidies of up to 75 percent. This subsidy is provided to assist farmers in paying the premium for animal insurance. Consequently, farmers need only bear 25 percent of the premium cost to insure their dairy animals. By paying this minimal amount, farmers can claim compensation of 60,000 rupees per animal in case of any mishap, thereby compensating for losses incurred due to animal harm.

Premium Payment for Insuring Dairy Animals

The state government is providing a 75 percent subsidy on the premium amount. The maximum value for individual cattle under this scheme has been fixed at Rs 60,000. For livestock farmers, the premium rate stands at 3.5 percent per cattle. Therefore, a farmer would pay a premium of 3.5 percent of Rs 60,000, which amounts to Rs 2100. The government will subsidize 75 percent of this amount, which is Rs 1575. The farmer is then required to pay the remaining 25 percent, which is Rs 525, from their pocket. Through this scheme, farmers can secure their animals' insurance at minimal premiums.

Eligibility Criteria

All livestock farmers in the state's districts can apply for this scheme. Priority will be given to dairy animals belonging to members of the Dairy Production Cooperative Committee. Under this scheme, only healthy dairy animals possessing health certificates issued by veterinary doctors will be insured. The insurance for dairy animals will be valid for a single year, with the company tagging the insured animal's ear with a data tag for security and identification.

How to Insure Your Dairy Animals under the Subsidy

To avail the benefits of this scheme, you need to apply online. Visit the official website of the Livestock Development Department at dairy.bihar.gov.in to apply online. Before applying, register yourself for this scheme. Once registered, you can log in and apply for this scheme. For more information about the scheme, visit the official website or contact the District Livestock Development Officer in your respective district.

Links Related to the Scheme

Official Website of the Scheme: https://dairy.bihar.gov.in/Scheme.aspx

Direct Link for Application: https://misdairy.bihar.gov.in/Registration/Register

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