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Shalu James – The first entrepreneur who opened up the possibilities of Quail products in India

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon
Quail Products

Let's get acquainted with Shalu James, a brilliant man who overcame many difficulties and achieved success in life. Shalu James is the first entrepreneur to make value-added products from quail eggs and quail meat and brand them in India.

Quail farming, which started as a hobby after studying B.Farm in 2018, has led to many positive changes in the life of a young man named Shalu James. Shalu entered the big world of business with 500 quail cubs in his arms. It all started with cutting down all the trees near the house and building a shed and moving the quail cubs into it. It was completed with a bank loan. Initially, Shalu was selling quail eggs at nearby shops and was aware of their marketing potential. But when quail eggs became available in the market at a lower price than what Shalu offered, the young man was in the middle of a crisis, unable to sell his eggs.

The idea of ​​a value-added product came to mind from the idea of ​​finding a new market to sell eggs. The beginning was the quail eggs were boiled and salted. But Shalu was not able to achieve financial security from this innovative thinking. It was at this time that the idea of ​​making pickles from quail eggs and quail meat came to mind. Shalu did a lot of research on this. But Shalu realized that there was no such business anywhere in India. The mind of this young entrepreneur was full of excitement to that business.

Thus, from January 2020, Shalu's pickles were marketed under the brand name in Thiruvananthapuram through new media. The new entrepreneur prepares pickles not only through media like Amazon ​​​​​​​but also by order. The acceptance of the pickle raised the career graph of a young man named Shalu James. Although the recipe came to Shalu's mind, the mastermind behind it is his mother Sally. His elder sister Shilu joins everything. Shalu has branded his venture as The Quail Shop. Has also acquired trademarks. Shalu pickles are delivered in packs of 100 gms.

Apart from pickles, the young man also sells quail egg powder, ground meat and pickles from roasted pineapples. Shalu James says business was a little less during the Covid time but now everything is coming in good way. Shalu's business is to reach more than 3,500 quail cubs, starting with 500 quail cubs. Shalu seeks income not only from quail farming but also from domestic poultry farming and vegetable farming. Shalu had to overcome a lot of difficulties to make this business venture a success. But overcoming all the crises of life and opening up a huge opportunity in the quail business is an inspiration to a lot of young people today ..

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