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Since Diwali is here, How to make it better

KJ Staff
KJ Staff
Decoration of diya

Diwali or Deepawali is an ancient festival of India, which is celebrated every year by the new moon of Kartik month. The mythological belief behind this is that on the day of Diwali, Lord Ramchandraji, the King of Ayodhya, had returned to Ayodhya after spending his 14 years in exile.

With this Ayodhya was delighted and amused by the arrival of their king. The people of Ayodhya burnt the ghee lamp in the same joy of Ramchandri's welcome. The night of the black moon of Kartik month was turned to light.

Since then, Diwali has been commemorated as the victory of good over evil, as well as our faith in Lord Rama's high principles and morality. Deepawali is the celebration of light and cleanliness. People begin their Diwali preparations many days in advance, cleaning their houses, businesses, and other places. As soon as Diwali arrives, housework such as repair, painting, and whitewashing begins.

People decorate their homes and shops. It is believed that the goddess Laxmi arrives in the same house where there is cleanliness. It is reported in the Puranas that on the day of Deepawali, Lakshmiji chose Lord Vishnu as her husband and then married him, hence Laxmiji worship is done on the night of Deepawali.

On the day of Diwali, worship of Lord Ganesha, Saraswati mother of Goddess of wisdom, and Kuberji, the apostle of wealth, is worshiped with Laxmiji as well as defeating every obstacle of the devotee.

Of course, the Diwali festival is celebrated as a symbol of sanitation, cleanliness in the country, but even today sanitation is the biggest need of the country. Even after our government's sincere efforts, cleanliness campaigns in India have only become a government program.

Thousands of organizations run campaigns for photographs only, and they loot applause, but their contribution towards hygiene is just concentrated on photography.

There are many such institutions along with the government of India who are making people aware by running a real hygiene campaign and there are crores of people in the country who make people aware of cleanliness.

But the section of people who want to, ignore their talk and ridicule them and keep the country dirty in place and keep spreading pollution. However, children under the leadership of elders are the best messengers.

There are many major rivers in our country. Among them are, the Ganga, the Yamuna, and many other rivers in which people do not shy away to dump their filth. In those places, especially on the banks of the rivers, the children who are in the school are led by the school administration, and people can be made aware of not polluting the rivers.

And so, this time people should be made aware and warned of the dangers caused by air pollution. To stop air pollution, today there is a need to run the campaign from village panchayat to the municipalities.

The rear of such a campaign should also be given to children, women, and the elderly. As well as to prevent air pollution by firecrackers, the government should work towards eco-friendly firecrackers so that people can enjoy fireworks and there is no pollution in the environment. If not, then even if not equal.

This time, start pollution-free Deepawali from your own home and protect your family and country.

At the place where there will be cleanliness and no pollution, Laxmiji will be inhabited. If Lakshmiji is inhabited, then everyone will have glory, austerity, progress, progress, ideal, health, fame, and prosperity in every life.

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