Single Crop Market Yards in Telangana


The  Telangana State Government has decided to set up separate market yards exclusively for different agricultural and horticultural crops in view of the cutting down the transportation cost of farmers and to help them get a better price.

Already, such markets for lemon at Nakrekal, sweet lime at Nalgonda, gherkin (Dondakaya) at Devarakonda, and chillies at Gangapur village in Chinnakodur mandal of Siddipet district, have come up. A mango market at Jagtial and another chillies market at Maddulapalli in Khammam district are being established, according to Director of Agricultural Marketing G. Lakshmi Bai.

She said the Government is exploring places to set up a modernized flower market and another one for turmeric. Besides cutting down expenses for farmers, the Government aims to provide them specialized facilities to meet special features of the products.

A detailed project report for a major fruits and chillies market over 150 acres at Koheda near Hayatnagar here is under preparation.

The Government proposes to set up a major mango market at Jagtial at a cost of Rs. 5.5 crore. The marketing department had proposed to sell the mango of Jagtial in the brand name ofJagtial Mamidi’.

For the first time, a market exclusively for lemon was set up at Nakrekal in Nalgonda district at a cost of Rs. 3.07 crore over nine acres. Earlier, lemon farmers in Nakrekal used to sell their produce to traders at the orchards itself while those from other parts of the district shifted the produce to Gaddiannaram here. Going by the response to the market yard, the government was examining a proposal to constitute a market committee headed by a chairman, sources said.

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