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SourceTrace Hosts Conference on Traceability in Agriculture 'TraceCon'

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

A global Agritech company, SourceTrace hosted India’s first conference on traceability in agriculture in collaboration with ThinkAg. The event welcomed more than 60 industry leaders from the food and agriculture sector across the country and was held at The Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi.

The event had some panel discussions on some critical issues such as the role of technology in food safety, solutions and opportunities in traceability, the role of technology in encouraging agri-exports, showcasing early adopters, and funding and financing of traceability technology. 

Agriculture is gaining prominence in the world and with technology solutions, achieving better profitability and productivity has become possible. The market has become globalized, and food safety and sustainability have become dominant concerns too. With technologies like traceability, it would become easier for the Indian market to maintain international competitiveness, ensure the safety and security of its products and build a niche for products originating from India. Technologies such as traceability can bridge that gap as there is a trust deficit in international trade.  

Speaking of the event, Venkat Maroju, CEO, SourceTrace said, “Traceability has become more important in the agriculture value chains in order to ensure safety, sustainability and ethical production.  In fact, there is no better way of guaranteeing safety, quality, and uniformity of products to the consumer.” 

Ritu Verma, Co-Founder, ThinkAg and Co-founder, and Managing Partner, Ankur Capital Fund, also commented on the issues raised in the event. Verma says, "Traceability streamlines the supply chain, making it easier for issues to be resolved.  Efficient recall in the case of outbreaks can also be made and losses can be kept to a minimum if traceability is implemented.”

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