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Soyabean Acreage Likely to Reduce as Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh Cut Area

Soyabean acreages witnessed an 18% decline overall as of July 9; Rajasthan and Gujarat experienced a significant rise of 50% and 49% respectively, while Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh reported a substantial decrease of 58% and 4% compared to last year.

Shivangi Rai
Despite the hike in area in Rajasthan and Gujarat, overall soyabean planting is down 18% when compared to same period last year. (Image Courtesy- Pixabay)
Despite the hike in area in Rajasthan and Gujarat, overall soyabean planting is down 18% when compared to same period last year. (Image Courtesy- Pixabay)

Acreage under soyabean cultivation is witnessing a decrease in a crucial oilseed crop in the ongoing kharif cropping season.

This decline is primarily attributed to reduced planting in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, despite an increase in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The early rains brought by Cyclone Biparjoy prompted farmers in Rajasthan and Gujarat to expand soyabean acreage.

However, as of July 9, the Agriculture Ministry reported that soyabean acreage across the country stood at 63.54 lakh hectares (lha), reflecting an 18% decrease compared to the same period last year (77.84 lha).

Maharashtra witnessed a significant drop in soyabean planting, with only 11.05 lha compared to last year's 26.13 lha, marking a 58% decline. Insufficient rainfall and a shift to other crops like pulses and cotton are contributing factors to this decrease in Maharashtra.

In Madhya Pradesh, the acreage was slightly lower at 37 lha compared to last year's 38.65 lha. On the other hand, Rajasthan experienced a substantial increase in soyabean acreage at 10.44 lha, representing a 50% rise from last year's 6.97 lha. Similarly, Gujarat witnessed an increase in soyabean acreage at 2.01 lha compared to 1.35 lha previously.

According to the Soyabean Processors Association of India (SOPA), as of July 10, approximately 90.50 lakh ha of planting had been completed. Madhya Pradesh accounted for 42.66 lakh ha, Maharashtra for 30.79 lakh ha, Rajasthan for 10.28 lakh ha, Telangana for 1.65 lakh ha, Karnataka for 2.05 lakh ha, and Gujarat for 1.55 lakh ha.

DN Pathak, the Executive Director of SOPA, stated that over half of the sowing is complete, and the total acreage is expected to decrease by 2-3% compared to last year's 113 lha once planting concludes by July 15.

While gains are anticipated in Gujarat and Rajasthan, a decline in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra is expected due to farmers switching to cotton and pulses such as tur.

SOPA initially estimated soyabean production at 124.11 lakh tonnes (lt) during the 2022 kharif season, up from the previous year's 118.89 lt. However, in the second advanced estimates, the government projected soyabean output at 139.75 lt.

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