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Sweet Pepper Harvesting by Robot SWEEPER to be demonstrated on 4th July

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The Pepper is spicy, bitter in taste and one can see in the black colour as seeds and the crop comes in as green, red colour in different sizes. The other type of pepper is bell paper which also comes in three colours. Green, Red and yellow. All these tastes differently.

There are over 600 varieties of pepper (genus Piper), but few are used as spice, often distinguished only by the degree of maturation and the type of processing.

Common pepper on the market is the fruit of Piper nigrum, consisting of small spherical green berries that reach a bright red when fully ripe. Depending on the period of collection and / or processing undergone

The SWEEPER robot is the first sweet pepper harvesting robot in the world to be demonstrated in a commercial greenhouse. SWEEPER has been concentrating on harvesting peppers for the past three years, with 1.3 million tonnes being produced annually in Europe.

The consortium expects that the outcome of their research will lead to a market introduction of the robot within a few years. The results confirm the leading role of Europe in the field of high-tech agro-robotics research and strengthens the competitiveness of the European greenhouse horticulture sector.

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