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Tea Board Releases Rs. 6.72 crore Subsidy in South India

Tea Board has disbursed ₹6.72 crore as subsidy under various schemes to 1,307 beneficiaries all over South India so far this fiscal.

Ayushi Raina

So far this fiscal year, the Tea Board has disbursed 6.72 crore in subsidies to 1,307 beneficiaries across South India under various schemes. 

M Balaji, Executive Director of the Tea Board, stated that the first tranche of 1.38 crore subsidy was distributed to 187 beneficiaries in South India from April to June.

“We have now disbursed 5.34 crore to 1,120 recipients in the second tranche,” he said. 

Under this scheme, three beneficiaries in the Idukki district have received a total of 7.47 lakh for various developmental activities. As an incentive for orthodox tea production, nine recipients earned a total of Rs.1.20crore. 

Furthermore, 465 wards of tea plantation workers have earned 85.78 lakh under the Human Resource Development scheme, which mostly covers stipends for education. Financial support is also provided to disabled tea plantation workers for treatment towards cancer, heart, and kidney ailments. 

“The subsidy amount has been promptly remitted to the corresponding beneficiary's bank account, and SMS has also been sent to the concerned beneficiary,” Balaji stated. 

“The Tea Board gives subsidies to growers and manufacturers in order to increase their output, productivity, and the quality of their manufactured tea.” “The Board also encourages the development of orthodox teas in order to assure remunerative prices to producers for quality tea production and to assist manufacturers in fetching a higher market price,” he said. 

“The Tea Board also provides financial assistance to small tea producers' self-help groups in order to renovate their common facility centre and assure collective participation in increasing overall quality of the made tea.” Balaji added. 

About Tea Board of India: 

The Tea Board of India is a government of India state organization whose mission is to promote tea cultivation, processing, internal trade, and export in India

It was founded in 1953 after the Tea Act was passed, with its headquarters in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). Mr. P.K. Sahoo is the Deputy Chairman, and it is separated into four Standing Committees: the Executive Committee, the Development Committee, the Labor Welfare Committee, and the Export Promotion Committee.

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