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India’s Tea Production Increases 10% This Year

Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh
India's tea

It’s good news for tea lovers and producers in India. The country has witnessed a spurt in tea production in January and February this year.  

According to Global Tea Digest, the Tea Board data for February month states that India produced 17.48 million kg tea. Last year, it was 14.54 million kg for the same month. This is a 20.22% increase.  

South India showed only a moderate increase in the production, upto 15.04%. North India is enjoying a staggering increase of 75.81%.  

However, Assam reports a dip in tea production, by 14.81%. This is the only state in India at this time that has reported a dip.  

The cumulative tea output of India rose to 33.53 million kg in Jan-Feb 2021 from 30.60 million kg in the same months of 2020.  

North India has witnessed a significant increase, upto 70.31%.  West Bengal reported an increase of 93.94%.  

India’s tea production had decreased in 2020 as compared to 2019. In 2021, India has zooned ahead in producing tea and is making news now.  

However, due to the second wave of Covid-19 and the possibility of lockdown, producers are worried. If the government decides to impose lockdown in tea producing states, then the production would get affected.  

Till then, enjoy your tea! 

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