The crisis is bigger than relief

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

In June, the sugarcane farmer of Bijnaur the sugarcane farmer Udayavir of Mandawali village is very happy but worrying riddles are also clearly visible on his face he has to pay a 40,000 rupee bill of chaos. But their pockets are empty due to not receiving about 2 lakhs of cane payments. Nangal got only 64000 rupees from Billa Mill.

The interest of agricultural cards is also increasing. Now there is no other way than taking a loan in front of them. This problem is not only of Udayvir but more than 33 lakh farmers of Uttar Pradesh. The ruling BJP which was defeated in recent By elections. As a result of which the central government activated for the payment of the unpaid farmers and announced a package of 7,000 crore on 6th June. But the permanent solution still has not been given by government.

Sugar industry in the country is in the sink of lethargy till May 15 the farmers were given Rs 23,000 crore on sugar mills. And due to interest this increased only because the sugar mills have to pay interest on non-payment of time under the Sugar Control Act.

Out of 116 sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh, the share of the remaining amount is more than Rs. 12000 crores. The Indian Sugar Mill Association the top organization of the sugar industry (ISMA) says that sugar consumption is high, but sugarcane yield is increasing. Last year, 246 lakh tonnes of sugar was consumed across the country, this year it is expected to use 250 lakh tonnes. According to sugar mills, sugarcane has grown more than demand once again this time.

Due to higher sugar production sugar mills do not have the money to pay sugarcane farmers. Sugar mill and farmers are not only responsible bad condition but import is also responsible for this lethargic condition of sugar industry.  According to official statistics, 13,110 tonnes of sugar were imported from Pakistan in 2017-18. The government said that there is a slight increase in import from Pakistan, but exports are much more.

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