The Economic Times Agro Summit

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The Economic Times Agro Summit

India has nurtured itself from predominantly being an agrarian economy to a technology savvy agricultural economy, wherein most of its GDP & sustainable growth still depends on Agriculture as a focal point. In the recent decades due to increase in crop production, varied reforms, Government push, & local talent available in agri R & D, the sector has grown to a mammoth level wherein we are the world leaders of rice & spice exports.

India needs to be a world leader in agriculture, it needs to shift its focus from traditional farming to advanced farming where FDI in technology up gradation, agriculture infrastructure along with more Government reforms will play a major role in flourishing our economy.

Momentum to any industry we serve is the primary object of our industry led initiatives. As we perceive a promising future for the agricultural community & farmers in particular who are striving for a better yielding crop year on year, technology coupled with reformative policies & Government commitment towards agriculture will act as an enabler for a prosperous & more productive farming & farmers of tomorrow. However the link from technology to actual farm output needs support in the form of research & development, easy availability & repayment of loans etc. At this Summit we intend to have the Agricultural community benefit from the latest technologies available while maintaining a comprehensive dialogue between the policy makers & regulators.

The Economic Times Agro Summit scheduled on 20th December 2017 at The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi.

The Economic Times always endeavors maximum ROI to its partners & participants who are the primary reason for any of their industry meet. In order to vouch Agriculture as one of the most significant sector in our country, it needs the stakeholders to come together along with the drivers & influencers of the agricultural community to discuss business opportunities, alliances, buyer seller interface with the fraternity for prolonged benefits. USPs of the Initiative : • A unique interface with the Industry & latest technologies • One to one with the Influencers of Agricultural landscape • Calling upon Panchayat leaders / Farmers for an exchange meet with the Industry • Buyer Seller Meet • Meet the best in the Agriculture industry

The  agriculture sector too has come a long way since independence. We, as a nation have received food security, the levels of rural poverty have depreciated & nutrition risen, all of which can be attributed to change in our socio economic fabric, upgradation or rural landscape, along with technology in Agriculture which has played a critical role in boosting our exports and home produce too. Today India’s GDP is expected to grow at 7.1% approx of which Agriculture is contributing the maximum.

For Registration Please register at: and also for more information contact:

Shri William D`souza on 9920481489, 8286087855

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