The IKs will go from village to village build mobilization


The farmer is a person engaged in agriculture, raising living organism for food or raw material. Distressed farmer of Himachal Pradesh converged at the Vidhan Sabha to protest against forced eviction, milk prize and lack of action against the  menace of the wild animal.

Thousands of farmer protesting marched to the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha under the aegis of the All India Kisan Sabha ( AIKS)- the CPI'S farmer front to protest against forced eviction from the lands that they till, the prize of milk in the state and the government's failure to control the menace of the wild animal.

"The farmer have been tilling on these land for years now. the government has illegally been evicting them and destroying their plantation," said Vijoo Krishnan joint secretary of AIKS . The thousand of farmer demanded the AIKS has given a memorandum of their demands to the government of Himachal Pradesh like.

* Stop eviction of farmer from their land and their homes.
* Stop cutting of electricity and water to homes.
* Give 5 bigha land free to landless and poor peasant.
* Protect crops from menace of wild animal.
* Ensure minimum Rs 30 per liter for milk.

"Joint secretary of AIKS Krishnan open-eyed" we will be going village to village and will build mobilization, we have given this memorandum of demands and we demand action.  

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