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The magic of these tiny creatures : Turning waste to mineral

KJ Staff
KJ Staff
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In recent times, environmental degradation and soil health deterioration are major problem and threat for existence of living being in our country and world. The safe disposal of animal, farm and solid waste are the major problems at the national and international level. It may contribute to environmental risk like emission of green house gases which increase global warming, ground and surface water pollution, poor hygiene in villages and urban areas which is hazardous for animal and human health.

It is a simple biotechnological process of composting in which earthworms and microorganism are used to enhance and accelerate the process of waste conversion in to value added organic products viz. vermicompost, nutriwash and high quality animal protein. The multiplication of earthworms and favourable microorganism in organic waste is called vermiculture. Indian farmers were using mainly exotic earthworm species viz. Eisenea foetida and Eudrilus eugeniae for recycling of animal and farm waste because Indian earthworm species were poor in vermicomposting and fecundity. However exotic earthworm species were died at 35 degree Celsius temperature and not working well in high humid climatic condition.

Keeping in view of this problem in mind, JAI Gopal vermiculture technology has surveyed and collected Indian earthworm species from different parts of country. In first phase upto 10th generation earthworms were selected who survived on high organic matter. All survived coocoon and juvenile were innoculated in higher content of organic matter in next generation. Inter-se-mating plan was adopted in production of next generation. By following selective earthworm breeding and mating phenotypic characters were improved viz number of hatchling per coocoon, weekly coocoon production, adult body weight, feed conversion efficiency and heat tolerance in newly developed earthworm species designated ”Jai Gopal”. It is better than Eisenea foetida and Eudrilus eugeniae in characters of fecundity, heat tolerance quality of vermicast and garbage processing. Extensive field testing and large scale application has been done in different agro-climatic condition in various biodegradable waste. A complete technical know how and standard package of practices of "Jai Gopal” vermiculture production and vermi composting, 50 kg Jai Gopal earthworm vermiculture, hands on training and demonstration is covered under offer.

Advantages of Jai Gopal Vermiculture Technology :

Generation of self employment for rural youth, women and farmers.

Cheap and eco-friendly technology and base for sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry.

Application of vermicompost and other value added organic products will improve the nutritive quality of food products.

Enhancement in disease resistance in human and animals by consuming organic food and feed.

Helpful in maintaining clean environment of village and cities.

Helpful in reducing production of green house gases.

Helpful in conservation of soil, water forest, animal and human.

Availability of raw material in each village and city for production of vermicompost and organic manure.

Vermicompost and other value added organic products can be manufacture in each village.

Availability of all plant nutrients and beneficial soil organism in vermicompost and nutriwash.

Vermicompost can be applied in any crop in different combination based on availability.

Vermibiotechnology is a very easy and eco-friendly technology in learning.

The "Jai Gopal” Vermiculture Technology is in great demand for recycling of animal and farm waste to produce value added organic products as Government of India has launched on 2nd October, 2015 Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. This techology has a huge demand by farmers, KVK, Gaushala, SAU, NGO, State and Central Government agences and export potential to Asian countries. There is a movement for improving soil health at national and international level. Livestock and crop production business generate huge amount of biodegradeble waste. Earthworms can be used as source of animal feed protein for fish, chicken and suckling pigs. Government of India is also encouraging farmers to use more and more organic manures in crop husbandry. Now farmers are switching towards organic farming due to cheap and great demands of organic food in market.


The Indian Veterinary Research Institute is a premier Research Institute-cum Deemed University under Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) system, widely known for its pioneering contributions to various areas of veterinary and animal sciences. The institute during its more than 128 years of glorious history has created a niche with acknowledged excellence in R&D in animal husbandry and veterinary sciences. IVRI has transferred ``Jai Gopal” Vermiculture Technology to 70 farmers, SAU, KVK, Gaushala NGO and enterprenuirs.

Advantages of IVRI Technologies:

Low capital investment and high employment potential.

  1. Use of local raw materials and manpower resources.
  2. High level of adaptation of technology.

Services offered by IVRI :

Contract research and consultancy services in all areas of Veterinary Science and Animal.

  1. Veterinary care and Business incubation services in all areas of Veterinary Science, Animal Science and Animal and Farm Waste Management.

DR RAN VIR SINGH, TECHNOLOGY INVENTOR, can be contacted at ANIMAL GENETICS DIVISION,IVRI,IZATNAGAR-243122,BAREILLY ,U.P.,BHARAT. He can also be reached by Email-rvsingh.icar@gmail.com and Mobile-91-9412509889.

A DEMAND DRAFT IN FAVOUR OF DIRECTOR ,IVRI,IZATNAGAR-243122 ,BAREILLY,U.P. can be approached for the technology which costs Rs 25,000 +18% GST= Rs 29500/.

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