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The ones producing food for us, are digging graves and going under empty stomach

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

In Jaipur, for the last several days, the farmers are agitating to save their land by plowing themselves in the pits. Police tortured the farmers in Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh. On the occasion of inauguration of International Airport in Shirdi by the President, those farmers were kept in the house, whose land were  taken for  the construction of this airport. In the noida administrative office adjacent to Delhi, farmers have staged a demand for proper compensation and rights in lieu of their land, 18 farmers were killed and 70 were admitted to the hospital while spraying of medicines in the fields in Maharashtra. Through these four incidents, we want to tell you the situation of the farmers of the country. After reading this story, you should decide for yourself that  how significant  or nor the Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan's slogan is in the country ?

When the Prime Minister was presenting pink figures of the economic condition of the country at a meeting of the company secretary in Delhi, at that time hundreds of farmers were detaining in the Noida Development Authority adjacent to Delhi and more than 50 farmers in Jaipur, 250 km away from Delhi Conducted themselves against the Jaipur Development Authority by plugging themselves in a live pothole. At about the same time, hundreds of farmers in Tikamgarh were beaten up by police. And among all these, through PowerPoint presentation in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was telling the company secretaries and through the live speech of the media, about  how the country is progressing day and night, progressing quadruple.

Hundreds of farmers from Nind, a village adjacent to Rajasthan's capital Jaipur, have given a new look to the farmers' movement by plugging themselves in the pit and this method also shows that when the governmental organizations do not listen to the voice of the common man, What level he has to go through. These farmers have named their movement as the “ samadhi movement.”  Farmers started their movement by digging pit on the same land, which the land is being acquired by the Jaipur Development Authority for a residential scheme. In about 51 dug potholes men and women started registering their protest. These people say that until the Jaipur Development Authority changes its decision of acquisition and does not cancel the acquisition, their movement will continue. Talking to the media, Nindu Bachao Sangram Samiti Convenor Nagendra Singh Shekhawat said that this movement is no longer ineffective. If the government did not accept our demand, then we would turn this movement into a hunger strike. And in a new the farmers have started their hunger strikes as well.

20 Dhani, 18 colony, affected 12 thousand people:

Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has planned to develop a housing scheme on 1350 bigha of Nind village. At the same time, farmers say that they have very little land and that land is their way of living, in such a way they will not give their land. Farmers say that the survey done by the Jaipur Development Authority for land acquisition is wrong. For this reason they are opposing this acquisition. Due to this plan, around 20 Dhani (tola), 18 colony of Ninded village and thus about 12 to 15 thousand people are being affected.

Nagendra Singh Shekhawat explains that the people here have barely 1 bigha land to half a bigha. People here make their livelihood by cultivating or livestock on this land. In such a situation, if the land gets lost from them, the lives of the people will be devastated. Shekhawat explains that so far only 274 bigha land has been surrendered by the farmers. JDA has not yet been captured on the rest of the land. They point out that after the start of the movement, those who had surrendered the land before, they too have now come to protest against the JDA. They say that none of our demands are related to compensation, we do not need compensation for our land. The fact is that as the family grew, the piece of land would be smaller.

Today the farmers here have barely 1 bigha of land. Even if the government takes possession of such a low land, then where will the poor farmers go? They said that all these land has been cultivated and the acquisition of farm land is also wrong. For this, the consent of at least 80 per cent of the farmers is necessary, which is not with the JDA. We demand that this acquisition be canceled immediately. 27 women are also included in the land samadhi satyagraha. Meanwhile, the health of some women and men's movement has also worsened, despite this the people are encouraged. They say that the government is taking over the land of their cultivation. If they do not farm then how will they live? He also argued that in many former schemes of JDA, the plot of land is still empty, yet his eyes are on the land of poor farmers.

On 16th September, when JDA made the announcement  taking possession of 15 bigha land towards Sikar Road to create an entry gate for residential scheme, the farmers affected by this acquisition have come to land on the movement. Farmers dig up this new road and started the land Samadhi Satyagraha by making pit. According to JDA, about 500 bighas of land have been occupied from 1350 bigha land. But even now, more than 700 bigha farmers have land. These farmers have not yet received the compensation given by the JDA.

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