Trace your Stolen Fruit with ‘Olidetec’

Fruit and vegetable theft is increasing day by day. In the past, there have been many reports of fruits and vegetables being stolen from the farm. But now the farmers need not worry about it as entrepreneurs are trying to launch device that could trace the stolen farm produce. Olidetec is one such system, which warns of a theft and also helps in tracing the stolen fruit. 

A group of Andalusian entrepreneurs has developed Olidetec, a system that is able to warn of a theft in the countryside and trace the stolen fruit. The service offers 24/7 information on the situation of the crop and, in the event of looting, locates the exact place where the merchandise is in real time. Thus, producers can control their harvest from their cell phones without having to patrol their farms. 

The goal of Olidetec, as explained by Diego Martin, David and Alejandro Sanchez, who created this system, is "to provide producers with surveillance and information service, as well as characteristics and prices that adapt to each client." The system is designed to offer a level of security that goes beyond the limits of producer's land, as, after being alerted of a theft, the tool begins to generate a report on traceability and geolocation. The information is encrypted with the same technology and security that financial entities use to work. 

Another advantage offered by Olidetec is the possibility of reducing insurance costs in the facilities where it is installed, as happens with other types of anti-theft systems. In addition, the creators of the system have designed six packs that adapt to the sector's structure. These packs are designed to give service to a large number of crops, farms, and each customer in a specific way. Therefore, the system's price is based on the pack that producers purchase and the number of hectares they have. 

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