US House Passes Bills to Re-open Agriculture, Transportation Departments

The US House on 10th January passed two spending bills to re-open closed parts of the government that deals with agriculture, public health, food stamps and housing - although the bills have a doubtful fate in the Senate and threat of a presidential veto.

The legislation was the second of four appropriations bills that the Democrats are bringing to the House to keep the focus on the partial government shutdown, which is now in its third week. Each bill intends to reopen shuttered parts of the government, gradually, as the clash continues between President Donald Trump and the congressional Democrats regarding border wall funds.

12 Republicans joined the Democrats to pass the first bill yesterday that aims to restart the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development departments. The vote was - 244-180.

The US House also passed a bill, to reopen the Agriculture Department that runs the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, generally known as SNAP and the Food and Drug Administration. In spite of the drop in funding, the Agriculture Department will continue giving food stamps to millions of people in America through February, announced the Agriculture Secretary, Sonny Perdue.

In the voting, 10 Republicans supported the Democrats. The legislation got a little more Republican support than a separate spending bill on 9th January to reopen the Treasury Department and the IRS, with 8 Republicans support.

Today, the lawmakers may vote on a bill to reopen the Interior Department that runs national parks.

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