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"Uttar Pradesh Has a Lot of Potential for Agro-Based Businesses": President Droupadi Murmu at UPGIS-2023

Droupadi Murmu, President of India, spoke today (February 12, 2023) at the Valedictory Session of the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit-2023 in Lucknow. Speaking on the occasion, the President expressed her delight that her visit to Uttar Pradesh coincides with the state's great festival of development.

Shivam Dwivedi
Uttar Pradesh has the most MSMEs in the country, with approximately 95 lakh
Uttar Pradesh has the most MSMEs in the country, with approximately 95 lakh

The President stated that, in addition to being the country's largest state in terms of population, Uttar Pradesh ranks first in India in many areas of economic contribution. Uttar Pradesh leads India in total food grain production, including wheat. It also produces the most sugarcane and potatoes in the country. This state also contributes the most to mango and pea production.

Similarly, Uttar Pradesh is the milk production leader. Uttar Pradesh has a lot of potential for agro-based businesses because it is rich in agricultural products. She was pleased to see that sessions on 'Leveraging India's Food Basket: Opportunities for Food Processing' and 'Unlocking Opportunities in the Dairy and Animal Husbandry Sector' were planned for the Summit.

Underscoring the importance of political stability and continuity of administration for investors, the President stated that Uttar Pradesh currently has a stable and decision-making government. She stated that the Uttar Pradesh government envisioned and implemented long-term policies. As a result, Uttar Pradesh is capable and ready to serve as New India's growth engine. She stated that an investment of approximately Rs. 35.5 lakh crore is expected in Uttar Pradesh as a result of this Summit, which will provide employment opportunities for lakhs of people.

The President stated that Uttar Pradesh has the most MSMEs in the country, with approximately 95 lakh. She stated that, in addition to being the backbone of the country's industries, MSMEs also provide the second highest number of job opportunities after agriculture. She expressed confidence that Uttar Pradesh's MSME sector will play a significant role in India's economic development.

The President expressed happiness that, in order to achieve the goal of making India a five trillion dollar economy, Uttar Pradesh has resolved to become a one trillion dollar economy. Uttar Pradesh would contribute one-fifth of India's GDP. She stated that efforts to strengthen the Uttar Pradesh economy would also strengthen the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. The President noted that infrastructure in UP is being built at a rapid pace. She stated that the development of the Defence Corridor in Uttar Pradesh would boost India's defence self-reliance. This would also attract investment and create jobs.

The President noted that the Government of Uttar Pradesh is making several efforts to maintain a balance between development and the environment. Efforts such as the National Green Hydrogen Mission's development of renewable energy, green energy corridors, and energy transition would assist India in meeting its Net Zero emission target.

According to the President, the growing investment climate boosts the culture of self-employment. She mentioned that efforts are being made in Uttar Pradesh to kickstart the start-up revolution. She expressed confidence that these efforts would propel Uttar Pradesh to the forefront of self-employment.

The President praised the efforts being made to make Uttar Pradesh a Preferred Investment destination. She expressed confidence that Uttar Pradesh would become known as the "Best Investment State" around the world. She stated that if Uttar Pradesh becomes more prosperous, India will follow suit.

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