WARNING! Inbox by Gmail Is Shutting Down Officially on April 2

If you are wondering that Google+ is the only product shutting down next month then you are wrong. Inbox by Gmail is also set to shut down on April 2. Yes, Google had announced its plans to kill the popular mobile email app last year. 

However, a specific date is not offered by the company until now. If you're still using Inbox by Gmail, most likely you've come across a notification within the app, informing you that the app will be 'going away' soon. Google+ and inbox by Gmail are set to shut down on the same date i.e. April 2.  

Though, along with the in-app notice, Google is offering a shortcut that opens the Gmail app for Inbox by Gmail users. Depending on when the in-app notice was seen, Google listed 15, 14, or 13 days to the shutdown. 

Since few months, Google is bringing some of the Inbox by Gmail features to the regular Gmail app. But users are likely to still miss a lot of useful features. Important services of the app will stop working on April 2. 

Inbox by Gmail app launched by Google in 2014 was meant to increase productivity, especially for those who have to deal with a lot of emails on a daily basis. It also allowed users to automatically generate replies, create bundles, and more. 

Now with less than two weeks to go, Google seems to be making it harder for users to find and download Inbox by Gmail for obvious reasons.  

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Krishi Jagran Marketing
Krishi Jagran