Water Pearl Technology ; Redefining Agriculture

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Introducing Water Pearl Technology developed by RHST Industries, one of the key exhibitors at CODISSIA Agri Intex 2018.

For Food and Water Security

Its a high impact technology set to redefine what is possible in agriculture by making substantial contribution at the key points in the life cycle of any crops. It helps to reduce water consumption by 30-50 % by limiting evaporation. It also allows the use of saline water for irrigation in arid climate and sandy soil. It reduces the need of pesticides, fungicides and antimicrobial agents.

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As a Protective Layer

Water pearls protect the plant and soil from algae and weeds by creating surface level layer of beads. The protective layer of Water pearls also plays a key role in the process of drip irrigation with brackish water through leaching method.

"More Crop per drop of water"

By planting a crop with a layer of water pearls below the surface, a water barrier is created that dramatically reduces water evaporation losses. that allows the plant to nourish more efficiently with a smaller root system.

Water Pearl technology is the result of 20 years of pioneering research with a goal of providing a robust, sustainable and natural means to enhance crop productivity.

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